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Chinese Geomancy and Feng Shui

Ms. Tang is a fifth generation
practitioner now residing in Baltimore County, Maryland.
She is available for Feng Shui consultation nationwide.

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Chinese Feng Shui [Shen Shu Tang]

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Ms. Tang continues a rich family tradition of Feng Shui. She is proud to be the fifth generation of her family trained in Feng Shui - Chinese geomancy. She is also quite proud to be the first woman in her family to be allowed to complete Feng Shui training. she was trained by her father in the practice of geomancy geography, the masculine and feminine elements, the five lines, the Book of Change Eight Diagrams, and other elements of Feng Shui. In each area she was taught both the theoretical and practical knowledge which she now utilizes in her practice.

 Ms. Tang practices traditional Chinese Feng Shui to serve people from all walks of life using ad hoc Chinese geomancy (the cautious technique hall). She hopes with her service to help people to enjoy a good and prosperous life.

Her services are available by email, or Skype.

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The first generation of Tang to do Feng Shui When he was 30 years old and after having passed entry examinations, he moved to the capital, Beijing, and worked in the imperial civil service. After passing the further exams, he began and completed instruction from the court:

He then returned home to his village to engage in geography geomancy (the choice of house location and construction, grave location, and directional analysis. In addition, he helped calculate auspicious days and days to avoid. Clients used this for marriage, housing, and so on.

The second-generation, Tang Ruilin. In 1884, he passed the test and was announced as a scholar of Feng Shui, which he continued to practice until he passed away.

Third generation, Tang Yaozong, after years of study, continued the family tradition until he passed away.

The fourth generation of Tang, Yo Sang. In 1935, he became a teacher which continued until 1940, and continued the family enterprise, a total of 56 years.feng-shui feng shui chinese fortune telling

Tang Yuan, the younger brother and Ms. Tang’s father, studied Feng Shui from childhood, and was sought after to tell fortunes, divine by the eight diagrams, help people choose auspicious days, and other related geomancy geography. After the Chinese revolution, he entered higher studies. In 1958, he began working in medical research and continued this for many years. In 1986, he attained status in the Chinese Science Association in the Natural Sciences. In 1988, he received the second prize from the national ministries and commissions for advancements in technology.

After 1978, when the reform policy began, he openly continued the work of studying the Chinese geomancy geography and other elements of Feng Shui, and ancient Chinese civilization metaphysics.

“One day a person asks questions, makes progress, and then teaches his descendants. This then develops an ancestral legacy.”