Let Feng Shui bring harmony and fortune into your personal and business life.

Chinese Geomancy and Feng Shui

Ms. Tang is a fifth generation
practitioner now residing in Baltimore County, Maryland.
She is available for Feng Shui consultation nationwide.

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Chinese Feng Shui [Shen Shu Tang]



Feng Shui F.A.Q. 


1) I watch shows like Fun Shui. Why can’t I just use what I see there?

I love watching Fun Shui :-). But these kinds of shows are not showing complete Feng Shui. It is critical to consider things such as birth date and time, before doing any kind of analysis. It is not one size fits all.

2) In the United States does the government or big business use it?

A number of large projects have used Feng Shui in the United States:
Businesses diverse as Canon Europe and Trump International Tower and Hotel, among others, have used Feng Shui.

3) I hear about different kinds of Feng Shui. What is different about yours?

Mine is based on traditional Chinese Feng Shui. I do it the same as my family has for 5 generations.

4) Can Feng Shui help me lose weight?

I wish! :-) No matter what anyone tells you, the secret to weight loss is a healthy diet and exercise. But Feng Shui can help create a more harmonious home which might make it easier for you to be able to cook and do the things necessary for a healthy life style.

5) Do you need a picture of my house?

It helps if you can send any pictures or drawings. We will need to speak on the phone to get all the information I need.

6) I see English is your second language. Can you speak well enough for us to talk? Do I have to pay for translation?

You do not have to pay for translation. While my English is not perfect, I will be able to talk with you. If I have any trouble understanding, I will ask you to repeat it or spell it for me. There are some difficult concepts, and I ask your patience if I have trouble explaining it quickly. We can always talk by email as well.

7) I need an answer quickly. Can you get me my answers in one day or two days?

I am sorry, but it is impossible to answer this question. It really depends on what you need done. Please get in touch with details, and I'll give you a time estimate.

8) How do I pay for your services?

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I accept Paypal. You will get a quote once I have all the details, and I will email you an invoice. Simply click on the PayPal button, login to the secure payment page and click "Pay".

You can also pay by clicking here and entering the agreed upon amount: